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The company currently has two offices in Miami Florida and Portugal which can service orders for the American continent, and the European countries. Also several distributors that service orders by importing the product
into their countries and deliver to customers.

Is a technology integrator in renewable and sustainable power generations systems. It distributes Solar and Wind power generation equipment in the latest technologies. It integrates complete and reliable, small to medium sized, non-grid electrical generations systems that include power generation, power storage and energy supply. It integrates its systems to the grid or remains standalone for urban societies, rural communities or remote locations. It deals with power generation systems from 300 watts to 50 kWh. It supplies power tools, appliances and equipment capable of operating with the solar or wind power systems it supplies.

All systems, equipment, or tools are economically priced to enter into non-traditional markets, and to make energy accessible
and affordable to the neediest people on earth.
A global Reduction in our Carbon Footprint is fundamental and the heritage for generations to come
It is not beyond the realms of everyone to make a difference